Having Angela’s guidance with our leadership development program was instrumental to its success. We continue to reference the work she did with our team. It has become the cornerstone and provides a common language from which to communicate throughout the organization.

–CEO, Austin Pharmacy & Medical Supplies

Each opportunity to collaborate with WorkPlace Strategies guarantees knowledge of important workforce trends balanced with a keen sense of our organization’s culture. I appreciate that the right questions are asked, causes and effects are fully weighed, and relevant, achievable recommendations are made and then executed. We’ve shared many a success.

Our management team is extremely pleased with the services provided by Angela and Workplace Strategies.  Angela brought the perfect mix of human resources and organizational culture knowledge, and real-world experience, to every discussion with our team.  She asked probing questions and listened to our answers to ensure she was meeting our needs.  Angela was instrumental in helping us create a top-notch career development tool as well as providing coaching expertise to help further the leadership skills of our team.  Thank you, Workplace Strategies!

I started my coaching journey with Angela as part of my promotion to a senior management position. Little did I know the immense growth I would undergo both professionally and personally in the course of our work. In a word, the experience has been transformative!  Embrace the opportunity, lean into the work and you will be AMAZED!!!

The coolest thing about working with Angela is the way she understands what I need in our coaching sessions. Her powerful questions and deep insight help me to discover what I really want and the ways I create obstacles for myself.  Working with Angela has helped me to be a more compassionate and impactful leader, to confidently negotiate my salary, and to clarify next steps towards my goals. After every coaching session with Angela, I walk away feeling grateful.