At WorkPlace Strategies, LLC, we believe that potential longs to become greatness. We exist to inspire self-awareness, authenticity, well-being, and possibilities in those courageous enough to pursue it.

Do you envision a destination…but you’re not sure how to get there? 
I’m Angela Cavallaro, and I help you realize that circumstances or limiting beliefs do not have to dictate your future. I dig deep, read social, emotional and somatic cues, and generate awareness that supports genuine transformation from the inside out.

Vast capabilities—personalized attention.
Over the years, I have developed many strong partnerships with thought leaders in positive psychology. As the Chief Strategist of WorkPlace Strategies, I will always be your main point of contact and from there, build the optimal team to help you reach your desired destination.

My Approach

Here’s what makes working together unique:

Helping YOU arrive.
I don’t tell you what works for me. Together we figure out what works for you. That’s why we succeed. This may involve intentional conversations, powerful questions, brainstorming, values clarification, goal-setting and examining lifestyles and beliefs to help you arrive in ways you never considered.

Listening beyond words.
I listen to what is said, and what’s not said, to create a judgement-free space where leaders and executives can practice and cultivate new techniques and approaches.

Pushing growth edges.
When people seek self-awareness, they often stall within their comfort zones. I believe the best work happens on the brink on those growth edges. Together we explore new ways of showing up to change, communication, conflict, transition, hurdles and disappointments. We explore blind spots and journey out of your comfort zone in a safe, exploratory environment at a pace determined by you.

Caring & Honoring.
I care enough to meet you where you are—and too much to let you stay there.

Walking the walk.
I don’t expect you to go anywhere I won’t go myself. As a seeker, learner and values-driven professional, I continue to journey with my own coach, continually reflecting upon how I choose to show up to my life’s purpose (or to my life and work).

Focusing on the future.
Coaching is present and future-focused. As your thought partner, I help you become more self-aware, learn and enhance your capacity to thrive.

What does a successful outcome look like?

You notice your shift in perspective and your ability to access new and different tool because you’ve been practicing with them. You realize you’re not deferring to the way you’ve always done it—and the new way is working! You’re happier and more optimistic (yes, research shows that coaching generates more happiness!), and you are able to expect and believe in new outcomes for yourself.

Are we a good fit?

We will be a good fit if:

  • You believe in continuous improvement
  • You care enough to invest in potential
  • You’re committed to your team
  • You seek transformation
  • You desire to have intentional conversations
  • You believe mindfulness generates opportunity
  • Well-being appeals to you

I invite you to create something new…

Are you thriving as a leader?
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Angela Cavallaro,
President & Chief Strategist